VR | AR | MR Student Ambassador Program
Do you love Virtual Reality? Do you want to bring new opportunities to your university and your peers? Do your friends say you're a natural leader? If so, the VR | AR | MR Student Ambassador Program may be perfect for you!

VR | AR | MR student ambassador program is an exclusive opportunity for college students to gain valuable experience of being an ambassador in their college. Campus Ambassador will learn ample skills by implementing the action plans for promoting VR | AR | MR and its services in their respective campus.


Full time university student
An interest in Virtual and Augmented Reality
A strong network within the university students,clubs and events
Energetic & motivated
Creative out-of-the-box thinker

All the events conducted under VR | AR | MR will be free of cost for the Ambassadors.
Ambassadors will receive a certificate on successful completion of their fellowship.
Ambassadors can ask for recommendation on the LinkedIn profile, whenever required.
Ambassadors will be invited for the yearly meetup in Faridabad to talk about the Programme and share their experience to improve the programme.( This will be an all-expenses paid trip.)
Exchange best practices with Ambassadors from other schools and disciplines

One academic school year
Approximately five hours per month
Three to four events per year
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